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  1. I am greatly enjoying this series/study and greatly look forward to visiting Calvary as soon as I am able. I just moved to Lenoir and when someone mentioned the name Dr. Carr I imminently remembered my dad telling me of the men that impacted his spiritual life ( My grandfather, Dr. Carr who ordained him, Dr. Buddy Sizemore, and Buren Hastings). I have always looked to R.C. Sproul as a modern mentor and teacher of biblical doctrine/truth and to hear the same principles he taught applied applicably to life and the human condition is refreshing. Just as we were taught in 2 Timothy chapter 4 and the first chapter a Galatians we must believe and stand for the truth unapologetically, we must not fall to either side of the truth, humanistic idolatry or pharisaic legalism, but rather stand on what the scripture teaches alone. I look forward to hearing, worshiping and learning in person thank you and may God continue to bless and use you.

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